WVU Collegiate Recovery

WVU Journalism Final Capstone Project. Spring 2018.

I had the privilege to work with two other students, Ella Jennings and Janeé Avery, to create a multimedia package on a topic of our choice. We collectively chose to cover West Virginia University’s Collegiate Recovery program, an entity that provides assistance and support for students who are recovering from substance or alcohol abuse.

Read this article: WVU Collegiate Recovery.

We learned through this project that one of the most challenging items about recovery is finding items to fill the void that the substances may have left. Replacing drugs and alcohol with sober activities can be difficult for some recovering addicts. The Serenity Place offers events to keep these students busy and sober.

Cooking class hosted by WVU’s Olfert Lifestyle Intervention Research Lab:

Weekly meditation led by Andrew Caryl, graduate assistant of the Serenity Place.

Finally, we interviewed Kelson Thorne, a WVU art student who is also a recovering addict. Thorne did not utilize the university’s program to receive guidance, however received the help he needed through personal means. His story can is featured here.

This project was constructed over the course of about four weeks, and between my group of three each of us had a different set of skills that we were able to bring for the success of the stories. Throughout the majority of my journalism classes at WVU, each package and project was created individually. However, I learned through this particular multimedia package how to lead and also follow the direction of teammates. In addition, I was able to learn a lot about what is offered through WVU’s collegiate recovery program, and we helped get more publicity for the organization through posting these videos and this text story.



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