The Lisa Mae

For my final photojournalism project at WVU I had the pleasure of following around the lovely Miss Lisa–an artist by day and bartender by night–for several weeks and documenting her many artistic layers and lifestyles.

Working with Lisa was a rewarding experience, to say the least. Her detail-driven personality provides her with many layers that make up a unique and inspiring individual. Lisa’s style has multiple coatings as well—from her distinctive attire at work, to her simplistic yet bohemian decorated home, to her avant-garde pieces of art. Lisa explained that working at a bar has provided both challenges and feats as she improves her marketing skills, flexibility, time-management, and sociability. Her co-workers look up to her and respect her, and she has found herself creating new relationships with those around her each day.

Trying to keep up with such a unique and creative individual has been exceptionally fulfilling. Lisa taught me what it means to be a “creative hustler,” or someone who knows what they want and how to get it while using his or her personal talents. Lisa strives for perfection in the little things, and should never question her worth as an artist or simply a person. I have had the privilege to dive deep into the tiers of a life different than my own. In front of my camera these past four weeks, I have seen a woman single- handedly promote a 400-person capacity bar and fill it up with eager customers. Lisa’s personal goals of eternal inspiration and blissfulness are items that everyone should strive for in their day-to-day lives.

I not only had the opportunity to improve my photo taking and editing skills, but also got to learn a lot more about someone I call a dear friend.

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